Your order will be declared as containing the actual number of cigars/cigar boxes. The value of the order will be stated as the actual total value of the cigars. By confirming your purchase, you are agreeing to pay duties on this order.

Delivery times vary considerably at this time and may take 10 days to 10 weeks to arrive.

In placing your order with PuroExpress you understand and agree to the following;

●      You must allow a minimum of 8 weeks from the date your order is shipped for it to arrive with you.

●      If your order has not arrived after 8 weeks (40 working days) from the date of shipping, please contact customer service to alert them to this.

●      All non arrivals MUST be notified within 12 weeks (60 working days) of the shipping date. Notifications outside of this timeframe are not covered by the shipping guarantee.

If shipping terms change we will update the text at the top of the home page. They will also advise via the newsletter.


Cigarshopworld are the merchants and are referred to as “We”, “Us”, “Our” from this point forward.
All purchases are made at your own risk, we do not guarantee the descriptions or dimensions of the products are accurate and the information on the website should be used as a guide only.

All products are genuine products. Barcodes and seals may be removed and boxes may have been opened for inspection. We can never guarantee an unopened box or one with a barcode. You must agree to this by way of a check box at the time of placing your order.

Wrapper colours, bands etc displayed on the website are for illustrative purposes only and should not be relied upon when making purchasing decisions.

We are a high volume, low margin supplier and therefore all boxes are picked and packed from the next available stock. We are not able to select boxes for customers based on wrapper colour, date etc. so please do not request this.

Cancelling an order – Please review your selection extra carefully before completing payment, once payment has been completed it is unlikely that we will be able to prevent shipping. Therefore we can not guarantee that you will be able to cancel or edit an order once it has completed payment.
We reserve the right to cancel any order for any reason without notice. If we cancel an order, this will be refunded to the card used for payment.
We allow one account per customer. Customers found to be in breach of this will have their purchasing rights removed without notice.
All credit card payments and bank transfer payments are made in EUROS. Please note that if your account is held in any other currency, your bank/card issuer may impose currency conversion charges for your payment. We can not be held responsible for these charges.

Cigarshopworld sells to thousands of customers worldwide and in order to maintain the integrity of our products and service delivery to our loyal customers, we DO NOT ALLOW any form of drop shipment where we ship directly to an end customer via a third party.
Any orders found or suspected to be drop-shipments will be cancelled immediately at our discretion. Any orders in transit, made with the intention of dropshipping will not be covered by any of our guarantees and ineligible for any refunds. Any customers found to be drop-shipping will have their purchasing rights removed immediately.

Payment via card Using 3D Secure for AMEX, Visa and Mastercard. Manual bank transfer is available for orders over 250 euros.

Bitcoin Please note: Due to the Volatility of BTC you must agree to the following:
We convert BTC almost immediately. The value of your purchase is the EUR of your product at the time of purchase. We do not do refunds in BTC, in the event of a refund being required, this will be applied as a store credit in EUROS based on the Euro value of the initial purchase. By purchasing you are agreeing to our terms.

All new customers must receive each of their first three (3) orders in full before the next can be shipped, this is to ensure delivery is achieved.
The first order must be under 1000 euros in value (subsequent orders can be of higher value).

Multiple orders can be placed, however these will remain on HOLD until you advise of the successful arrival of your previous order. Customers may only have less than five (5) concurrent orders in the system at any one time. You will not be able to make any more orders until you have received some of your prior orders. It is your responsibility to contact the support team to advise of the arrival of your order.
Maximum value in transit – the maximum COMBINED value of orders in transit at any one time is 5000 euros. If you place multiple orders with a combined value greater than this, the shipping team will HOLD orders over this value until you have confirmed successful arrival of earlier orders by advising the support team.

PLEASE NOTE: overseas orders may incur customs, tariffs, duties, value added tax (VAT) and/or other fees imposed by local authorities. We are not responsible for these fees, they are not included in your shipping charges. These fees are YOUR responsibility.
If you refuse the shipment, we will subtract from your refund any fees and additional shipping charges that we incur if and when it arrives back to our warehouse (please note that not all Customs authorities will return the goods),we are only able to refund upon return.
Please note that we will only refund the cost of the product (not any shipping charge) upon the goods being received by our warehouse and please note that there will be a re-stocking and administration fee of 50 euros deducted from any refund for returned product.
It is your responsibility to understand any importation rules for your shipping destination. If you have any queries about additional customs, tariffs, or duties etc., please contact your local customs office prior to placing your order.

What our satisfaction guarantee covers:
Our guarantee covers damage, mold (not plume). As an organic product, flavour will certainly vary from cigar to cigar and batch to batch and will also depend on how long they have been allowed to mature/rest in your humidor. We recommend resting your cigars for a minimum of two weeks on arrival. We do not cover personal preference.
We recommend having your boxes opened and inspected to prevent mould on your cigars, any cigars not inspected will not be eligible for refunds or returns due to mould.
Barcodes may be removed from our boxes to protect the identity of our suppliers. By purchasing, you acknowledge and agree that this may be the case.
Our arrival guarantee applies up to 60 working days after shipment date, all non arrivals and additional issues must be dealt with within this time frame. We cannot refund after this period.
Additionally issues such as damage, mould, incorrect shipment etc must be dealt with on arrival, please inspect your cigars and immediately inform us of any concerns. Please take photos of the products and upload them with your comments when submitting your request to Customer Service.
Draw – most issues relating to poor draw are easily resolved by resting your cigars in your humidor. We recommend that all cigars are rested in your calibrated humidor for a minimum of 2 weeks before attempting to smoke them. Our guarantee for damage does not cover tight draw.
Flavour and Colour – Cigars are an organic product and therefore flavours and colours may vary from box to box or cigar to cigar. We do not guarantee our products for taste or wrapper colour.

All refunds for damage, incorrect shipment etc require a return. We will refund upon receipt.
If you receive cigars that are damaged or incorrect, please contact the support team immediately and send pictures of the damage/incorrect product via the support portal..
All returned cigars must be packed in their original packaging and we will refund for unused product only.
We will advise the return address and we will not accept a return without the Return Number (RMA) clearly displayed on the package label.
Please note we will only refund the return shipping cost if our expert determines the cigars are defective in any way, or the incorrect cigars have been shipped.
Any refunds to your card or bank account will be in EUROS and we are not responsible for any currency conversion charges you may incur.
Only in the case of faulty product, we will refund the return shipping cost, as long as shipping instructions have been followed and the Return Number (RMA number) has been clearly displayed.
Returns due to refusal by local customs authorities or local postal services are not covered by this guarantee (please see Duties & Taxes above).
Please note that we will only refund the cost of the product (not any shipping charge) upon the goods being received by our warehouse and please note that there will be a re-stocking and administration fee of 50 euros deducted from any refund for returned product.

Shipping Guarantee for non Arrival:
We guarantee all correctly addressed orders will arrive at the shipping address within 8 weeks (40 working days) from shipping. Some orders do arrive much sooner than this, however due to freight and flight disruptions coupled with delays in processing by border security, many orders are taking are taking 8 weeks or more to arrive.
If you have not received your order within 8 weeks of the date of shipping, please contact the customer support team who will resolve this for you. Any non arrivals notified outside of this timeframe will not be covered in the shipping guarantee.
Please note! Check your address carefully before completing your order, this guarantee will not cover an incorrectly entered shipping address.

Shipping Address:
The shipping address must be a permanent address, we do not ship to temporary addresses such as holiday homes, hotels etc.
It is your responsibility to check the shipping address entered carefully as incorrectly entered shipping addresses are NOT covered by our shipping guarantee and can not be edited once the order has been placed.
Please note that once an order has completed payment, there is no guarantee that we will be able to stop this from shipping if you have made an error with your order or the address.

If you have questions or need to be supplied return address and RMA please use our issues system by clicking on this link. We will endeavor to answer any questions within 10 hours.

OWNERSHIP is owned & operated by;
Lyonnel Consulting SA, Route de Crassier 23, Bâtiment A3, 1262 Eysins, Switzerland.

Any disputes arising between the merchant and the cardholder will be governed by the Court of the country where the company of record is incorporated. ie. Switzerland.

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